About Me
Work Profile
Its not only about handling a mic, it is also about being the Best Planner, Coach & the Host.

A Great Planner
I work with event managers/agencies to determine the program for the event.
Identify participants and their roles.

Help the event sponsors with details.
Help the participants to prepare for their role in the program

A Perfect HOST
I am Positive, Friendly, And Prepared ! Fluent with ENGLISH HINDI AND CAN ALSO SPEAK IN PUNJABI.

A Little Bit More
With the gift of gab , out of the box thinking & a flair for public interaction I have been ENTERTAINING Audiences from various walks of life with the unique style , engaging ability and charismatic personality.
Have over 5 years of Experience as MASTER OF CEREMONIES.
Best Anchors in Delhi
Genre of Events
The work has consistently been appreciated by the corporate industry where the gamut of work has included :
Government Events
Team Building
Public Events
Office In-house Events
Fashion Shows
Press Releases & Meets
Product launches
Rewards & Recognitions
Annual Events
Channel Partner Meets
Exhibitions & Expositions
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